Artist’s Statement
For me, there is nothing better than spending time in my studio creating a new piece of art with my dogs as company! Every day the first thing I think about is the painting I’m working on or the next one just waiting to be discovered.  When I see an animal or a scene that stirs my emotions, I am inspired to capture that feeling using whatever medium “speaks” to me.  I enjoy the anticipation of developing a composition for my next painting and pouring through the many reference photos I’ve taken over the years..  My favourite mediums are pastels, scratchboard, oils, acrylics and occasionally watercolour.  I paint mostly animals but also anything that catches my attention; perhaps it’s the light, the colour or the mood. 

Learning is an important aspect of my life.  I’ve had the privilege of studying with many master artists and learning different techniques.  My passion is to continue developing my own style and to continue my journey of learning, painting, and enjoying life!




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