I loved growing up in a small town.  My first venture into art was from a small town perspective; a child sitting at the kitchen table with crayons in hand. After high school I  moved to Toronto, a big adventure after small town life but I embraced all that came my way, the good and the bad.  I decided to pursue an education in landscape design and technology.  I thoroughly enjoyed designing landscapes and I would spend hours at the drafting board.  Life offers changes along the way, as we all know, and I chose to accept an opportunity and career in the healthcare industry.   I continued to explore my passion for art and attended many courses, workshops, seminars and became involved with several art groups and organizations.  I feel very fortunate to have had opportunities to learn from established artists including  Robert Bateman, Derek Wicks, Terry Isaac and David Kitler.  All provided valuable insights that I incorporate into my own style.

Update! I recently moved to the beautiful city of Stratford, Ontario and now   pursue my art career full time.   I’m looking forward to teaching, attending art shows and being involved in the art community.  The adventure continues!

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